Many digital marketers use Solo Ads services for their email marketing campaigns. There are a few ways to provide this service and not every method is effective for every type of campaign, which is why many people wonder which provider is best. Unfortunately, it is not until we spend time and money with a provider that we find out whether their marketing strategy is effective or not. We’re often asked which provider is best or how to know whether or not a certain provider is legitimate.

You’ve always heard the money is in the list? So true in the case of marketing to a list. If you have a good list, you will not make money unless you first have good converting offers.

A Solo Ad is an email send-out/broadcast that you BUY from solo ad vendors to promote your product or service.

The Solo Ad Vendors are ‘EMAIL LIST OWNERS’ and they charge you PER CLICK to send traffic to your pages using their email lists (using email broadcasts/follow ups).

Solo ads are an effective manner of email advertising. They’re delivered to a specific audience of double opt-in subscribers who have given their express permission to be emailed offers that they’re interested in. These emails include one stand-alone advertisement which results in a higher chance of them being read and clicked on to visit the advertised web site.

Solo ads features that you will love:

  • Quickly reach a high number of potential customers
  • Attention on ONE offer.
  • Not spam because, usually, solo ads lists are 100% double opt-in, and they’re CAN-SPAM compliant, usually they include an unsubscribe link for the subscriber.
  • Short and compact email body attracts the reader’s attention.
  • Lists are generally for English-speaking subscribers from countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand and usually cleaned from bouncing
  • Emails lists are often updated with new (fresh) subscribers.
  • Plain text or HTML format including graphics, colors, and fonts which make ads stand out from the crowd.

If you are an advertiser, you can use solo ads for many purposes such as:

  • Generate leads by promoting a splash page with an opt-in form that builds your lists automatically.
  • Drive traffic to your website to increase the popularity and page ranking.
  • Improve your brands’ popularity.
  • Announce new products and services.
  • Send special discounts or time-limited offers.
  • Create interest in your MLM program to build a downline of members/subscribers that may generate a residual income for you.

Some of the critical factors of solo ad you should know

How effective your ad is? Your ad should be exciting and catchy for the readers. It should be according to the audience you have on your list. If you send hair loss ads to the readers who subscribed to get news about travelling, you know you are doing it wrong.

Your subscribers are your assets. Right newsletter to the right customer should be your preference. They can make your business go from zero to thousands and even millions.

Cost of Solo Ads

You have to work on your solo ads according to your budget. First, you need to set a budget. Then you need to research the market for good deals. If you purchase bigger packages, you will get big discounts. Normally, the prices you get are just like pay-per-click or cost-per-thousand subscribers.

For example, if the price of your solo ad is $100 and it will be sent out to 5000 subscribers, the CPT (cost-per-thousand) will be $.020 per subscriber.

You can make more savings if you look out for dual offer which is also known as ‘ad swap’. If someone has the same type of subscribers in his or her list, you can make a deal with them by displaying ads of each other to your list. It will cut your cost, and you can save a lot by presenting the same ad to more subscribers at the same price.

Not all of the solo ads vendors are professional, effective, or reliable.
Sometimes they send you quality clicks (leads), sometimes they don’t.
That is why you need to carefully check the reputation of the vendor(s) and constantly track each campaign. WebTargetedTraffic provides you with relevant tools to manage and track solo ads campaigns: real-time and reliable tracking, advanced redirection options (including affiliate link cloaking), destination URL monitoring and click-fraud detection.

The biggest issue with many solo ads service providers is the quality of their email lists. If the list is not well-suited for a particular niche, then you could lose all of your money with little or no ROI, even if the provider “promises” results and a perfect match for your target market.

Another problem with a lot of providers is that they tend to oversell and under deliver. Many of them promise the world, which sounds and looks convincing, but few share their actual strategy for getting you those results. Too much hype, often leaves much to be desired when push comes to shove.

Finally, you want to make sure that you can trust that the provider of your choice is trustworthy and not selling you some random list. Sadly, this is all too common.

The right Solo Ads company should be transparent about the quality of their lists as well as their strategy and why they can guarantee results. They should also provide additional resources to help you improve your campaigns should have some clear pricing available to you. This will help make your experience much more enjoyable because everything will be clear right from the moment you decide to take them on as your provider.


Using quality solo ad providers can be a great way to quickly generate a large number of qualified leads and skyrocket your sales. Simultaneously, you need to be on the lookout for scammers, as well.

The worst thing you can do is chase cheap clicks. That’s a recipe for getting scammed and building a dead list. With solo ads you always get what you pay for. Wherever you get your clicks from, keep that in mind, because the scammers will always try to bribe you with a sweet deal!

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