Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest businesses you can jump in when you think about it. Someone else has already created the products, set up an array of marketing tools and offered you some solid marketing commissions. The rest is up to you. You’ll have to market said product and find an audience who would be interested in it.

If you’re just starting out, you’re in a good place. Because learning about all the various ways you can generate traffic is extremely important for your job. But ensuring that the traffic is targeted and will convert is the other. Getting that high-quality traffic is what will help you meet your goals. Even if you get high amounts of traffic and it doesn’t convert, than you’ll have some tweaking to do.

First, we’ll be dealing with the latter, providing you with a framework to find the right audience. After that I’ll tell you how to make your content valuable to said audience. Finally, I’ll tell you the various ways you can generate traffic and number of neat little tips that you can use right away. Sounds good? Well stick around to get it all.

To make yourself better at the game, you have to know what kind of traffic sources are there and how you can get the most of them. In this article, we’ll help you in better understanding each traffic source and all the things you’ll have to pay attention to. So, without further ado, let’s get down to it!

Most Important Aspects of Picking Traffic Sources for Affiliate Site

There are plenty of aspects to consider when you’re looking for traffic sources. The affiliate marketing game is a tough one, so you should always keep these 6 aspects in front of yourself and make sure they check in with your limitations and expectations.

The Cost of Your Chosen Traffic Source – Every traffic source has a cost associated with it. It depends on the amount and type of traffic it has, along with the number of GEOs you can monetize in. The quality of traffic also matters a lot. Some sources have high converting traffic while others don’t. The competition is tough and some of the good traffic sources are really overpriced. But there are cheap traffic providers as well, which could definitely help you make your traffic grow to new heights.

Its Rules, Regulations and Restrictions – A lot of traffic sources have some pretty tough restrictions that you should be careful about. They usually have something to do with misleading banners, and content that doesn’t respect their guidelines. Every traffic provider service has specific guidelines and regulations that you’ll have to read and follow. Make sure that they are in line with the way you’re looking to promote your site.

The Quality of The Traffic Source (will they convert?) – Two main things have an impact on the quality of your perspective traffic source. One of them is that even though some networks have plenty of traffic, they are really lousy and low-converting. The other one is that sometimes there is a whole lot of bot traffic that you really don’t want anything to do with.

The worst enemy of an affiliate marketer is fake traffic that is generated on a click farm somewhere in Eastern Guizhou.

The Amount of Traffic Available – Some traffic sources provide a lot of traffic for pretty reasonable cash. You’ll need a source that allows your campaign to generate plenty of sweet cash. Some ad networks will only allow you to play with Tier 3 GEOs that have huge volumes and fewer costs. With other networks, you can only make cash if you buy their most expensive GEOs, because the traffic quality correlates to the price you pay with each visit. The amount of traffic you get is different for each network.

The Type of Audience and Niche It Provides – Focusing on a specific niche and learning as much as you can about it is one of the most essential things to do in affiliate marketing. It will allow you to know everything there is to know about the products you’re working with. The game of affiliate marketing is all about information. If you establish yourself as an authority, you’ll have your audience’s trust and they’ll be much more confident in buying your affiliate products. Some paid traffic sources help you in achieving this, as they perform really well within the Nutra vertical. You’ll want to attract the exact audience that will buy from you.

What Kind of Targeting Options Does It Have (example: Facebook) – Targeting is one of the most powerful tool of modern marketing. It allows you to specify exactly who you want to reach with your marketing efforts. You can target people based on: age, gender, category, time of the day, browser, device, website, GEO, language, traffic sources and more

Take Facebook for example, as it is one of the best in specifically targeting users. But there are also plenty of targeted traffic sources that you can play around with too. It only depends on who exactly do you want to target. Also, keep in mind that some traffic sources will not allow you to target one specific GEO. So once again, you’ll have to have a throughout look at their GEO.

The Best Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing Blog

Make sure that you review all of these aspects and figure out whether they would work for your site and budget or not. How you understand a specific traffic source, depends on who you are and what you want. If you’re a Media Buyer, you understand the whole phenomenon as a platform that you can use to buy traffic. If you’re a webmaster, than you understand the platform according to the people it will allow you to attract to your site.

Mainstream Traffic

This is the kind of traffic that most of the population consumes. These are all PG-13 advertisements, so you have plenty of offers to choose from. You have an amazing number of options in traffic options. Basically you can advertise anything in any niche.

To get started with mainstream traffic, you need a huge budget. This might be the only downside that worth mentioning.

One of the two largest mainstream traffic platforms is Propeller Ads and Go2Mobi. They’re worth checking out.

Search traffic is something that most affiliate marketers are working to get the most of, because it carries a lot of buying intention if you’re targeting keywords correctly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO Marketing)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the strategy you want to go with if you are okay with not getting traffic right away and want to bank on long term growth. With SEO, you are getting organic traffic from Google. Your website is listed in the search results. The results are based on various ranking factors like your site’s loading speed, the number of links pointing to your site, relevance, the domain age, abandon rates, and other factors.

A big part of getting organic traffic is creating content. You’ll need high quality content for your pages and for promotion purposes. This includes articles, videos, downloadable documents, podcasts, blog posts, and more. You want to use everything in your arsenal to get the word out there about your site. This is what results in links going to your site which tend to be the strongest ranking factor. While it’s one of most reliable free traffic sources, SEO campaigns can require months of work until you start seeing results.

Organic Traffic – SEO

Organic traffic is free traffic which comes from search engines and it’s not really easy to talk about its main advantages. You mostly earn organic traffic by putting together a killer website with amazing content. Here are a couple of benefits and downfalls in opting for organic traffic.

There is an extremely high chance of conversion if users come to your website from Google’s organic search listing than from any other paid advertisement. This is why people invest so much into building their website’s SEO. Users see sites on top of organic search as “trustworthy”. Organic traffic also provide more chances for you to monetize that traffic.

However, it takes a lot of time to get some significant traffic from organic search – for new websites can take months to see any good traffic. Also requires lots of work: keyword research, creating content, optimizing website, acquiring good links, etc, but once you reached a point, you will get traffic practically for free.

Some of the best platforms for getting organic search are: Google, Bing, Baidu, Gigablast, Yahoo, Yandex. As you might know most of the traffic is done trough Google.

Paid Advertisements (PPC)

Google AdWords is a great platform that allows you to publish your ads on Google and partner network, as well on sites all over the internet that participating the the Google AdSense program.

Google AdWords provides you with all the tools that you need for monetizing and run amazingly efficient affiliate campaigns. It can quickly bring you the targeted traffic you need.

The biggest network for PPC is Google Adwords. You basically create search ads based on Google’s keyword queries and bid a specific amount per click. The paid traffic network charges you based on how many clicks you receive to your site. The other major network to participate in is Bing Ads which is owned by Microsoft.

Pay-per-click advertising can be quite expensive as it is very competitive. However, the search ads very targeted and there are many optimization options available to advertisers. In order to succeed with PPC, you must be up to date with all the best practices and optimization strategies. It’s a difficult channel to compete in, but it can be very profitable if you can figure out how to make it work.

PPC is very budget dependent and requires a lot of tweaking to optimize your campaign and make it profitable. Many affiliates fail to turn profit with PPC because they are advertise services or products with low commissions or conversion rates.

Native Advertisements

Native ads are placed in particular places where people feel completely natural about seeing them at a certain time. These advertisements can be in search, Social Media or in the Open Web.

Native ads are great for affiliate marketing, especially if you have some very good offers. The click-trough rate is three times higher compared to banner advertisement. It is a proven fact that native ads grow engagement by 60% – this is something to consider. This type of advertisement does not cost much and it can also be placed on concurrent websites.

Although native ads are very good, it has some severe restrictions. Double-meaning banners should be avoided, otherwise it can lead to a quick ban.

Native ads work great for affiliate marketers if they know their numbers. You are charged on a CPM basis which means a specific rate for every 1000 views you receive. To make native campaigns work, you have to make sure that it reads like an article, is authoritative, adds value, and matches the voice of the publisher site. The most popular native network is

Social Media Traffic

Social media marketing has been big for quite some years now. It’s one of our primary ways of getting organic traffic to our site through ads and various content pieces. It is also a platform that provides the most sophisticated targeting options. It’s a great monetization option to take advantage of.

It is not a secret that you can get some great revenues through targeted ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. Some social media platforms have exceptionally awesome algorithms, which will help you to reach niche users very easily, one of these is Facebook. Facebook can provide very sophisticated stats and reports, so you can optimize your campaign to get the best out of it.

Almost everyone is aware of Facebook advertising by now. But you also want to take advantage of other paid traffic social sites like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Pinterest. These sites allow you to target based on various factors such as keyword searches, audiences, interests, and retargeting. While costs are going up, these platforms still tend to be cheaper than Google Adwords.

For the most part, these sites focus on audience targeting. This means that you really have to do your research and understand your demographics. Facebook currently offers the most custom targeting options. They even use AI to help you expand on your existing audience and discover new ones. As a result, the best place to start your ad campaign is on Facebook.

You should also make sure to:

  • Find the right platform to reach your audience. You should look into where your perspective customers hang out. If you have figured out your ideal audience and their demographics, apply that to social media demographics. For example, if your target audience is mostly made up of women, Pinterest is the right place to start because 67% of its users are female.
  • Have a clear posting schedule. You work to engage your audience as much as possible, and to do it as consistently as possible. For that, a steady posting schedule is the best solution. Find out when most of your audience is active on social media and catch them when they are!
  • Share your content in social media groups that are organized around the topics you’re talking about.
  • Always experiment with new posts and measure their results.

The bad thing about social traffic is that you have to be very specific about who you target your ads with. You can use age, location, interests and various other demographics. If you don’t pay attention to details, your ads can easily be targeted incorrectly.

Mobile Traffic

Since about 55% of online traffic comes from mobile devices, it makes sense to target these devices to get traffic for your website. Mobile is a rapidly growing traffic source as more people are using mobile devices every year. Google has already earned $50 million thanks to this niche, so you can definitely earn a substantial amount with it as well. It offers a whole new range of possibilities for you to reach out to your customers.

In mobile traffic you can rely on: Push Notifications, Pop-Unders, Banners, Display, Redirects.

The benefits of mobile traffic is that it’s very profitable and you can optimize for carriers and operating systems.

However, you have to be careful with mobile traffic, because many online traffic sources provide both mobile and desktop traffic. You’ll have to detach these users and convert them in various ways. (different approach for social media ads, content marketing and so on). Your banners might not be displayed properly on mobile devices and smartphones

Adult Traffic

About 33% of the internet’s content is adult content, so it’s no wonder that there is a massive monthly traffic volume coming from it. The traffic of an adult site like Pornhub is way larger than that of Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined. This is why adult content is a very perspective sector for gaining traffic. Although, there is a lot of competition around it, so it can be rough to monetize it properly.

Adult content has an insane amount of traffic and the rules around it are less adverse. There is also plenty of free adult traffic you can use.

You should note, that adult traffic is very competitive in some cases. Some products come with moral restrictions, so you can’t advertise everything. The quality of this traffic is pretty low, so you need tremendous amount to see some good results.

The best sources for adult traffic: Traffic Factory, ExoClick, TrafficJunky.

Pay-Per-View Traffic

This name simply means that you pay every time your ad is displayed to a user. It also has the name of Cost-Per-View (CPV). Networks like this make their money by advertising through pop-ups on user’s PCs. They install toolbars on people’s browsers and PCs. This traffic isn’t the same as PPC and it’s much more annoying than any other ads. But it actually works.

The good thing about pay per view traffic is that it doesn’t have many restrictions. Keyword targeting is highly profitable and this method in general is very profitable. Targeting isn’t that expensive, compared to other traffic sources such as PPC.

The downside is, that it has a lot of competition and the traffic quality is quite low. In order to start you have to deposit a large amount of money. There aren’t too many options when it comes to specific niches.

Email Advertising

One of the most underutilized traffic sources is email ads.

There are many email newsletter (often called ezines) publishers that will sell advertising space in their newsletters. Some will often rent out their list for an email blast. In many cases, it’s often better to generate leads from these campaigns rather than redirect users directly to your affiliate offer.

It can be challenging to find a list of publishers to advertise with. One of the more reliable sources is called Directory of Ezines which is run by Charlie Page. Alternatively, you can look for email newsletters publishers on your own to see if they’re open to selling you a sponsorship spot. But be on the lookout for lesser known email ad networks as well. Many affiliate marketers have reported using various networks with varying degrees of success.


Whether you’re a new affiliate marketer trying to figure out how to drive traffic to your offers or an experienced affiliate marketer looking to expand your campaign, this list will serve as a valuable resource.

It’s always best to start with the most reliable networks before you expand on to lesser known traffic sources. This is especially the case if you’re looking to promote a niche offer.

Another thing you’ll want to do is to ask your affiliate manager to raise your commission rates. Sometimes you will have to negotiate with your affiliate manager to get higher rates. But if you prove that you can deliver on your end, managers won’t hesitate give you the pay raise you need to make your campaigns work.

Be sure to do plenty of research and use the keywords you’ve learnt about here. Building traffic is a multi-faced challenge that you can tackle in many ways. There are a lot of tricks out there that will end up getting you some much awaited traffic spikes. So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and get more of them!

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