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What Are PBN Backlinks?

PBN (private blog network) backlinks are links built from a network of connected websites and blogs. These sites are commonly owned by the same person, who’s using them all to build links to their money site. They also have a choice to sell PBN links to other site owners for extra profit.

The structure of a private blog network bears similarities to that of a publishing company like Gawker Media LLC, which owns blogs like Deadspin, Lifehacker and others.

However, the difference with sites found in a PBN is that they’re primarily used for building links instead of providing valuable content for their target audience.

Since unnatural link building of this sort is a form of manipulation in the eyes of search engines, the blog network is closed from the public to avoid detection (hence, “private” blog network). You also need to use different hosting providers for each site to obscure your digital footprint.

It is a new power for the internet marketing, which boost your search engine rankings, You will get 90 High DA backlink, Huge Traffic, Fast Search Engine Index.

Google always values links from trusted sources and high authority websites like Tumblr and WordPress which all have above DA 90+ and most interesting part is that Google Loves those links.

PBN Iinks are goldmines in SEO. If you are looking for bulk quantity spammy links, then this service is not for you. THIS service IS EXCLUSIVELY FOR QUALITY LOVERS who want natural links with relevant content on HIGH AUTHORITY sites. Such high metrics l!inks will definitely boost your SERP.
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seo start nowA Private Blog Network (PBN) is a series of websites that an individual (or company) directly controls that is actively used to enhance a particular website’s backlink profile. Direct control over these websites means that all the content and links published in this group of websites are managed by this entity in order to rank a client’s website, regardless of its niche, goal or keywords being targeted.

PBNs are great for affiliate marketing sites, business websites, blogs, CPA marketers’ sites and many other types of websites. Basically, if Google can index it, a Private Blog Network can rank it by granting complete control over your backlink profile, anchor texts distributions, volume of links and the rate in which they’re fed to the main site.

Private Blog Networks fall under the “Blackhat” techniques categories, which is why it’s absolutely crucial that you buy PBN backlinks from professionals exclusively. A competent Private Blog Network owner knows how to cover up footprints and trails that Google routinely check for.

Differences Between a Private Blog Network and a Public Blog Network

True Private Blog Networks are made up of a series of websites that are only known to the creator (or owner) and remain so throughout time.

You can think of a Public Blog Network, as a formerly private network whose owner got overly greedy. They decided to start selling links on public forums and expose their websites URL as “proof” it exists. These Public networks are full of easily traceable footprints that Google has gotten extremely efficient at tracking down. Public Blog Networks are either run by greedy ex PBN owners or incompetent blackhat SEOs that are trying to maximize their profits at the expense of their customer’s rankings.

Remember, if you’re going to buy PBN backlinks, you must purchase them from professionals that understand how to properly hide their tracks and footprints. Tried and true PBNs usually have an extensive order list on their belt, and guarantee results over time, like we do.

The general take away here is that if you buy PBN backlinks from professionals, you’re going to see massive value for your site and a considerable boost to your rankings, for a very reasonable price.

However, if you decide to “save” money, and try some of the more obscure “backlink packs” from freelancers or fiverr, at best you’re going to see very little value in the SERPs, and at worst, you’ll end up with a penalty on your website. If you decide to cut corners, you’ll end up working with other people who don’t, and Google eats sloppy blackhatters for breakfast.

We, at, have fulfilled tens of thousands of SEO orders and helped thousands of internet marketers and business owners crush their competition with our SEO Service. We understand that when it comes to Private Blog Networks, every measure and trick that can help us stay under the radar is often the difference between a happy customer and a dead network.

Don’t gamble your success, go with tried and true professionals and you’ll see why so many internet marketers and business owners buy PBN backlinks from us.

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