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Some website owners do not understand the importance of AdSense in terms of advertising. Some do not even know that the traffic that they are receiving is already affecting their AdSense ads. This is why sometimes; some website owners’ AdSense accounts are suddenly banned without them knowing it.

It is very important that you ensure the safety of your traffic when it comes to AdSense. This is somehow important because:

  1. AdSense is Google – Be bad to AdSense eyes and it can affect your ranking as well. That’s a double whammy for something which you are not that aware off.
  1. AdSense is very strict when it comes to traffic – One simple snap with your traffic’s defects and AdSense might ban your website for good. Mind you that you can’t simply recover from that ban.
  1. AdSense is a good source of sale that is too good to ruin – AdSense is very effective in producing sales and conversions and must not be stained when you buy traffic to your site (that is not safe for AdSense).

So before you buy that traffic again, you might as well check these “AdSense Safe” signs.

A. They should come from a trusted source – Second rate traffic sources shouldn’t be given a second chance because AdSense are very strict when it comes to traffic sources. If you are applying for traffic campaigns, make sure that your traffic supplier’s sources of viewers are premium and legitimate. There will be times when some suppliers will cheat by providing low quality traffic from questionable sources.

B. Your traffic should be real humans – Of course! If you really want to buy website traffic, you might as well ensure that they are all real humans that can produce real clicks, real views and real hits.

AdSense sees that every traffic that comes through their algorithms is real. Once they found out that it consists of bot traffic, banning is expected to follow.

C. Avoid Ultra-Cheap Bad Traffic

There are dozens if not hundreds of companies and individuals out there who will offer to hook you up with traffic. Some of them will even offer guarantees that their traffic is 100% AdSense safe! How can you pass up a deal for thousands of hits, when those hits turn directly into money through the crucible that is your AdSense-enabled website? You can get thousands of hits from Fiverr for a month, or you can get tens of thousands from other, slightly more expensive sites.

The problem, of course, is that this traffic sucks. 99% of it is going to be coming from software. Heck, some of the sites offering you AdSense-safe traffic are just trying to sell you their own traffic generation software. Software-based traffic is valueless in every way except for the sellers making money off gullible webmasters.

Bad traffic, you see, doesn’t do anything for you. It doesn’t click your ads unless you’re pointing the traffic at those specific links. It doesn’t buy your products because there’s no real people behind it. It’s never really AdSense safe. I mean, just look at this; how high quality do you expect anything on this page to be?

Google can and will detect the fact that your traffic is coming from software. You might make a few dollars, or you might go a few months before you’re detected, but sooner or later you’re going to be found out. There’s nothing you can do to stop that, if you’re buying shady low-quality traffic for pennies per hit. The end result is your account being shut down for violation of the AdSense terms of service.

So fellow website owners, be aware that your traffic is not only reliable, but should also pass AdSense’s standards. Buy AdSense safe traffic for your website, right now! Be safe, be aware and be AdSense friendly with your traffic!

D. Buying Legitimate Traffic is Good …

Contrary to popular belief, buying traffic isn’t completely banned from sites that use AdSense. Let us quote Google here:

“You’re welcome to promote your site in any manner that complies with our program policies. However, AdSense publishers are ultimately responsible for the traffic to their ads. So if you choose to partner with a third-party service to increase traffic to your site, it’s critical that you monitor your reports closely to gauge the impact that each source has on your ad traffic.”

In other words, Google doesn’t care if you’re buying traffic, so long as that traffic is legitimate. PPC is the primary method of buying legitimate traffic, though some high quality services and ad exchanges also work. The point is, you’re paying money for people to visit your site. It doesn’t matter if you’re giving that money to people on the street or you’re giving it to Facebook in exchange for ad space.

It’s the moment where your traffic begins to falter in quality, where it begins to look more like robotic traffic or traffic solely bought to click ads, that you start to trip warning flags. According to those program policies:

  • You should not buy traffic that includes invalid clicks or impressions, ranging from clicking your own ads to using automated software to click your ads.
  • You should not buy traffic in a deceptive way.
  • You should not buy traffic with the expectation that those users are there to click your ads.
  • You should not offer compensation for having your ads clicked.
  • You should not bring in clicks to AdSense links in spam emails or other unsolicited communications.
Google AdSense Safe Paid Traffic is OK!

Traffic generation is a struggle, we’ve all been there. When was the last time you saw big AdSense checks in your bank account? Have you ever had your AdSense account banned, and wanted another one to get back in the game?

Did you know that Google allows multiple AdSense accounts?

Did you know that you can actually buy AdSense Safe Paid Traffic?

What would you say if you knew you could setup traffic campaigns to your website (That are Google Approved) and make money while you sleep? A Dream? or Reality?

E. Guard against traffic generated by software

There are few companies there who can trick you into buying website traffic generated by software. This means that the traffic you are getting is not real and there are no real people behind the visits to your website. It can neither help you get real customers nor can it help you earn revenue from ad clicks. Such traffic can never be AdSense safe. Sooner rather than later, Google will be able to detect that something is wrong with your web traffic, and that will be that. Your AdSense account will be shut down for transgressing the terms of service. If you can ensure that your website traffic is not robotic but propelled by real humans, your AdSense account will be in Google’s good books and you have every chance of earning good revenue.

Is it safe to buy website traffic for AdSense?

Google AdSense will not penalize you for buying website traffic as long as it is legitimate and real. The terms mention that AdSense publishers are free to promote their website in any way including the use of a third party service to increase traffic. But the ball is in your court because the quality of traffic is ultimately your responsibility.

buy adsense safe trafficIf you adopt these pointers while you strategize your web traffic, you will be on the right side of Google AdSense. Avoid the pitfalls by buying real website traffic from WebTargetedTraffic to give your AdSense business a distinct advantage.

Buy Adsense Safe Traffic from the Ultimate provider of the most affordable and cheapest Website Traffic on Internet. We 100% guarantee that all our website traffic packages are Google Adsense Safe. Our visitors comes from the one of biggest website networks  on the internet who are categorized on basis of Niche and Country. Our traffic packages cover more than 300 niche categories in more than 50 countries. So we exactly target your niche and country to give you better conversion.

More than 75% of the bloggers and webmasters use Google Adsense to monetize  their websites or blogs. Finding a reliable web traffic source is not really easiest thing these days as there are many tricks, softwares and bot produced and used by many unreliable sources.

We’ve been doing this over 9-years now, and we have a “secret sauce” method we won’t disclose here to test traffic for AdSense. You will always want to start off testing the traffic to a site that employs good SEO practices, and ensure you have a Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Contact us pages. If you have multiple AdSense accounts, ensure each account is in a legitimately differently payee name as stated here by Google.

In order for us to claim Google AdSense Safe Paid Traffic – the traffic must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Compliance with Google AdSense Publisher Guidelines
  2. Receive multiple high dollar figure payments (minimum of 3 months) into a Bank Account.
  3. Traffic registers in Google Analytics.
  4. Good Site Interaction.
  5. Normal CTR ratios for the Industry or Niche.

As you can see, anyone can slap some ads on their Site, and “hope” to earn money with Google AdSense, but it’s another thing to go through the strict testing we employ at WebTargetedTraffic to ensure we provide our clients with quality traffic.

Our promise at WebTargetedTraffic is  that If you purchase 10,000 visitors from us then it means 10,000 real people will visit your website in the selected time span which is 100% guaranteed Google Adsense safe web traffic.

Buy AdSense safe traffic for your website, right now! Be safe, be aware and be AdSense friendly with your traffic!

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