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The “success” of a website is based on two elements, how well the website meets the strategic goal is was planned for and how effectively those results meet the operational objectives of the client. Each client has unique needs that need to be met by the website making the success or failure of the website unique to each situation.

In some cases, the website is packed with information and the product / service has a long buying process. The viewer wants to do a lot of research before deciding to make a purchase. In those situations, we need to generate more traffic to the website to increase awareness. In other cases, our objective is to create a specific engagement with the user through events such as form submissions, file downloads or video plays. In either situation, the website traffic plays a part in the success or failure of the website.

A session is the period of time when a user is actively engaged with a website. All usage data is associated with a session. Whether it’s one user returning to the website many times, or several different users visiting the site only once.

Users are visitors to the website that have at least one session. This includes both new and returning visitors.

Pageviews are the total number of pages viewed. This includes multiple or repeated views of the same page.

% New Sessions
While not an exact number, Google Analytics provides an estimated percentage of sessions that were create generated by new users.